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Let me state that I didn't use the camera that much. I used the…


Let me state that I didn't use the camera that much. I used the camcorder!
XD So I'll be putting up some videos later, or maybe just letting you guys watch the DVD.

Almost all the pics are of PB...'shrug'

  • Man, that mushie is HOT.

    I want me a piece o' that!
    • OMG YES!
      It was pwnage.
      Bacon and PB fought over it for like HOURS!
      • OMG LOL!!! I can totally see that! xD

        Who's it it? (April would like to steal borrow it for fun~~)

        -shifty eyes- My mad chinese ninja skillz will totally pwnz0rs.
  • The mushroom = teh win. :D
  • MUSHIII~~ I want it~ >D

    Zomfg. In some pictures Nathan looks so adorably L-ish~ :DDDDDDDDDDD YAYY~ (In other pictures he just looks stoned. XDDDD) Is it just me...or does he have sparkly thingys on his face...? XDDDD

    AND ZOMG IT'S LINDA'S MOUTH OF DOOMM!!! ( I swear....I can almost see down into the black hole that is her stomach....)

    I KNEW I SHOULD HAVE GONE TO AUSA WITH YOU GUYS! Well, actually i had fun at karaoke that day but... BESIDES THE POINT DX LOL our L looks scary XD seee youuu at schooll
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